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Part One - The Individual Classes

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Standard Particulars of Submarines
Chapter 3: The Spindle Hull Types - Holland, A, B and C Classes
Chapter 4: Pre 1914 Saddle Tank Types D & E Classes
Chapter 5 - Double-Hull Submarines
Chapter 6: Double-Hull Coastal Types - S, V, W and F Classes
Chapter 7: Double-Hull Overseas Types - Nautilus, Swordfish (1913), G & J Classes
Chapter 8: Fleet Type K and K26 Classes
Chapter 9: Monitor M Class Types
Chapter 10: 1914-18 Single Hull Types H and R Classes
Chapter 11: 1914-18 Saddle Tank Types L and L50 Classes
Chapter 12: Submarine Policy 1919 - 1930
Chapter 13: Cruiser-Submarine X1
Chapter 14: Overseas Patrol Types - Oberon, Odin, Parthian and Rainbow Classes
Chapter 15: Fleet Type Thames Class
Chapter 16: Small Patrol Type: Swordfish and Shark Classes
Chapter 17: Minelayer Type - Porpoise Class


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PrefacePart Two - Progressive Development of Design and Equipment