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Golden Dolphins


(To the tune of Green Beret)

Golden dolphins on his chest,
shows he one of the best,
a killer breed, one of the few,
a man like me, a man like you.

Beneath the sea he spends his time,
plays the war-time pantomime,
hates general service desperately,
six months in boats, the big O.D.

He past his test with Coxn Jim,
I think he must be munching him,
yet through it all, he'll always be,
a low life man and a green part three.

His hat is bent, his eights are torn,
his hair is long, his boots are worn,
a Jacky b******d, right enough,
a feed of a**e, a feed of chuff.

One morning at hands turn to,
he reveals his new tattoo,
and the design, I think you've guessed,
golden dolphins on his chest.


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