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Golden Dolphins


(To the tune of Green Beret)

Golden dolphins on his chest,
shows he one of the best,
a killer breed, one of the few,
a man like me, a man like you.

Beneath the sea he spends his time,
plays the war-time pantomime,
hates general service desperately,
six months in boats, the big O.D.

He past his test with Coxn Jim,
I think he must be munching him,
yet through it all, he'll always be,
a low life man and a green part three.

His hat is bent, his eights are torn,
his hair is long, his boots are worn,
a Jacky b******d, right enough,
a feed of a**e, a feed of chuff.

One morning at hands turn to,
he reveals his new tattoo,
and the design, I think you've guessed,
golden dolphins on his chest.


1 comment

Given that you have published the lyrics to one of my other songs (The Tot Song) I have to bring to your attention that "Golden Dolphins" was also one of mine, written around the same time as the Tot Song. The lyrics you've printed differ slightly from the original, and I would happily provide you with the correct ones should you wish.
Paul (Sticky) Hartley
   Paul Hartley Sat, 14 Jul 2018

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