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Half Ahead Together

(Tune: Arm in arm together)

Half ahead together, take her up to thirty feet,
raise the after periscope while the Captain has a peep,
There's a Jerry cruiser right on the starboard bow,
Let's go up in a hurry and sink the bloody cow.

"Pump, Suck, Blow"

Pump, suck, blow,
Here we go,
Diving is a hazard.
Look at him
catch the trim,
He's a silly ba*tard
Flood from aft,
Check main vents,
Blow the after shithouse
Jimmy's got a ba*tard on
but he's a bloody scouse.

"Don't give us a make and mend, sir"

Don't give us a make and mend, sir
We might come over faint,
There's not many Jimmies like you, sir
It's a bloody good job there ain't.


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