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Nobby Hall The Big O.D.

Nobby hall the big O.D.
cleaned his suit in C.T.C.
hung it in the mess to dry,
his oppo's lay asleep nearby,
and when the Coxn's call was heard,
there was one that never stirred,
Nobby wailed and wailed no-end,
to think he'd killed his own best friend.

So all you sailors, listen to me,
if you clean you're suit in C.T.C.
always hang it in the open air,
then your oppo's will still be there,
better still, if you can,
hang it by a wardroom fan.


1 comment

Cyril's version is as below, been playing it for years great tune:

Nobby Hall, a young OD
Cleaned his suit in CTC
Hung it in the mess to dry
His oppo lay asleep nearby
All night long, the fumes arose
And drifted by his oppo's nose

When the shakers voice was heard
One there was who never stirred
The funeral was a grand affair
The RNBT Rep. was there
Poor Nobby wept, for days on end
To think he'd poisoned his best friend

So sailors all, be warned by me
If you clean your suit in CTC
Always take the utmost care
To hang it in the open air
Or even better, if you can
Hang it by the Wardroom Fan.
   JBN Sun, 5 Jun 2016

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