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Wicked Helena My Young Jenny Wren

(Tune of El Paso)

One night as my nuts hung down to my ankles
I fell in love with a young Jenny Wren
pissing up in a cantina
I brought her scrumpy she loved it but then
one night a wild chief stoker came in
buying her large double ginnnnns
dashing and daring his love he was sharing
with wicked Helena my young Jenny Wren

I challenged his for the right of my hooker
down flashed his hand to the grease gun he wore
a big blinding from my entrusted spike marlin
the dirty old stoker laid dead on the floor
out of the cantina I quickly did run
where the red devils were tieeeeeed
I grabbed a new one my oppo had spewed on
and into the darkness I quickly did ride

Off to my left I see three fat patrolmen
off to my right are a dozen more
there like a dream and her tits at the short trail
it's wicked Helena my young lovely whore
fighting and farting I run for my horse
dropping my a**e as I flyyyyyyyy
a feel of her tits and a smell of her flange piece
a wave in the air and Helena goodbye, bye, bye, bye


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