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A Christmas Toast

To Crews who sail Men of War
and those that build them on the shore,
Men in Freighters, men in Tankers,
Men inships financed by Bankers.

Ships Designed for extra speed,
Slow ships, fast ships,
ships which need radar screens for times of fog,
Ships with records on the log.

Ships which sail on Christmas day
torn by wind and washed with Spray,
Ships in Harbour, ships at Sea,
Ships which carry oil and tea.

Ships importing meat and grain,
Ships which bring us home again,
Ships with masts Aloof and tall,
Mastless ships and ships quite small.

Motor ships and Ancient steamers,
Ships conceived by daring dreamers,
Ships of orthodox design,
Ships which often cross the line.

Ships which ply on coastal waters,
Ships with ice upon there quarters,
Submarines down in the deep,
to gaurd our shores a watch to keep.

To all who sail, and those who build, ships of any kind.
We've filled our glasses, now here come the toast.
We wish each one of you a most...

Happy Christmas and New Year.
Much to please and none to fear,
good health, much wealth,
good times, good sport.
God speed, good luck.
Come home safe to port.
Author: Anon


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