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Back To The Sea

Another sailor lad goes back to the foam
He has crossed the bar and it’s time to roam
Fair winds will now take good care of you
Join with shipmates and meet the old crew

Your watch is done and it’s time to sleep
You will be missed here, and many will weep
However, your ship will sail you to new shores
Time for rest as you have done all your chores

You have proudly served upon the choppy wave
Now be rewarded for the royal service you gave
A tot of rum waits for you in the heavenly bar above
Always the beer glass will be served with joy and love

The drinks are free for it is always a happy hour
No more pot mess or food that’s gone stale or sour
Only the best is provided for you on this luxury cruise
Sail away your duty is done, and you have paid your dues

Author: John Sullivan