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Deep down under water in the frozen southern sea,
Many miles away from home I met reality.
There I witnessed history, it changed me deep inside,
It was early May 1982, the day the old girl died.
I was there for justice, to set our people free,
Fighting for freedom, that was truth enough for me.
To the icy waters south, we had travelled many miles,
There I lost my innocence, the day the old girl died.
The blow was struck a mile away, although I couldn't see,
I felt souls torn from bodies, reluctantly set free.
The sea outside was silent; I was floating in a dream,
Though I couldn't hear a thing, inside I heard them scream.
Freedom, truth and justice, all I previously held dear,
Were swiftly swept from my mind with nausea and fear.
Inside me was upheaval; inside me it was cold,
Battling insanity, I was fighting for control.
I couldn't shut them out you see, nowhere could I hide,
I felt them all pass away, the day the old girl died.
Author: Buck Taylor


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