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Diesel Boats Forever

It seems it's now that time of year
When once again we shed a tear
To see some Diesels - proud before
That now will put to sea no more.
Their colors struck, their engines dead,
Who once to enemies brought dread,
Entemedor was mighty named,
For one so often famed

And Dogfish too has come to be,
A goal for those who put to sea;
Hardhead fained in peace and war,
Has added her name to the lore.

For which the diesel boats are noted.
She, and they should be voted
An N.U.C. for jobs well done.
As for the men who made them run,

They're submariners unsurpassed
Who've spent their years before the mast.
Making sure the job's done right
And keeping reputations bright.
For Navy men the whole world over,
From Subic to the Straits of Dover,
Know how well these boats perform,
Far above the Navy's norm.

The wives behind these valiant men,
Are now, as they have always been,
An inspiration to us all,
They've aided us to stand tall.

New boats come and old boats go,
And men and wives move on, and do,
As for a time, our friendships sever,
Author: E. A. Ransom


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