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Diving Stations

The silence of the boat is rent
By the Klaxon's raucous, strident note
The ‘Outside Tiff’, opens vents
To flood the tanks and dive the boat
Foreplanes put at ‘Hard to Dive’
Telegraphs both ‘Half Ahead'’
LTO’s at breakers strive
Take her down the Klaxon said
The Jimmy pumps from aft to for'ard
Does his best to catch the trim
Skipper mutters something horrid
Implies that the Jimmy's bloody dim
Trim is caught and hearts stop pounding
All is once again serene
Such is life at Klaxon's sounding
On board a British Submarine

By Mick Jones

This Poem was printed in ‘Under the Jolly Roger – British Submarines at War 1939 – 1945’ collated by Dave J Quigley. Portsmouth Publishing and Printing 1988. ISBN 1 871182 03 4

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