I hear they're closing Devonport down
I hope it's just a buzz
It was my port division once
We used to call it Guzz

Though it all began at (HMS) Raleigh
In Cornwall not in Guzz
That's where I did my training
At the beginning of my doz'

They taught me how to march in step
And how to toe the line
Then how to be a matelot
For a life upon the brine

We weren't allowed ashore at first
Until we learned the ropes
It's just as well on looking back
As we were a bunch of dopes

Eventually in my number ones
I ventured over the brow
The Torpoint Ferry my first sea trip
I still remember it now

I remember my first Oggie too
With a glass of Guzzs' best
A tanner for a pint it was
Put hair upon your chest

There are special parts of Plymouth though
For example Plymouth Hoe
Where Sir Francis played his game of bowls
Before he flogged the foe

Sir Walter was a Janner too
Devonshire born and bred
He did his bit for England
But eventually lost his head

Immortalised in Janner-land
Both Drake and Raleigh still live
When Pusser named two (stone) frigates
Drake and Raleigh's name did give

So with a place so rich in maritime fame
And the ghosts of mariners past
Why leave it all for foreign climes
That's the question that I ask

It's hard to picture Oggie-land
Without the sight of Jack
And some will say once Jack has gone
I wish he would come back

No doubt there's some in Janner land
Will be pleased to see Jack go
And dear old Lady Astor
Will say what a jolly good show

But most I think will be quite sad
And Jack's presence they will miss
As he's welcomed to his new found home
With a friendly Glasgow kiss

Author: Xbilgerat


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