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Memmoirs Of A Submariner

O deary, deary me,
What a sodding life it be,
I’m now retired and stuck at home,
Listening to the missus moan.
Up and down the blooming stairs,
Making beds and cleaning chairs
Washing dishes, scrubbing floors,
And all the other household chores.

Oh, gone are the days when life was serene
Under the ocean, sailing unseen,
Drinking our tots and telling jokes,
Weren’t we just the lucky blokes.
Those were the days, when a good run ashore,
Gladdened our hearts, with the longing for more.
Then was back to the briney, with heads to clear,
Of the aching effect of Brickwood’s fine beer.

The klaxon sounds and we dive the boat,
There’s no more pitching and rolling guts out,
As the roar of the diesels finally cease,
We wait in the mess for out midday feast,
And in the main motors gentle hum,
Hurrah! Alleleuia! Up comes the rum.
Quietness and peace then reigns supreme,
As we lay in our bunks and of the ladies we dream!

Author: Henry Muller

Chief Electrician Henry Muller served in Submarines HMS Ambush, Sirdar, Selene, Scotsman, Acheron and Affray. He was a member of the Medway Towns Branch of the Submarine Old Comrades Association until 2001

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