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Night Life on P63 - HMS Unswerving

Miles at sea, beneath the deep
We immerse our weary way
A constant watch, we have to keep
Throughout the Night and Day

A periscope breaks through the foam
To scan the silvery sea
In case a ship should chance to roam
Manned by the enemy

Dived all day, the air gets thin
And breathing is so cruel
Some thirty men encased within
Awaiting its renewal

The welcome night descends at last
And Spreads its protective cloak
The weary hours of Day are past
Without a single smoke

We break the surface with a rush
The hatch is opened wide
All is quiet, the night is hush
But for the lapping tide

Oh! what a change, this air so sweet,
A chance to smoke at will
The rhythm that the engines beat
Throughout the night - so still

The stars shine bright far up above
A refreshing breeze doth blow
The sort of night that we all love
When Natures beauties show.

But very soon the sun will rise
And set the Heavens aglow
Another dawn breaks through the skies
So it's time to go below

Bows down she slides beneath the foam
To start another day
But soon those bows she'll turn home
'UNSWERVING' on her way
Author: Bill Prytherds


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