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Ode To The Tot

In the days of Admiral Nelson
Or it might have been before.
The Navy got its heritage
in customs and its law.

Now some of these were good things.
And some of these were not.
But they'll never find how to replace
That little daily Tot.

It isn't served haphazard
Like tea or even beer
But with pencil book and water.
And other useless gear.

Jack dusty and his winger
Perform the sacred rite
They brew a swill called 'Two and One'
On which we have to fight.

With bottle jug and Fanny
We muster at the shrine
'Get into line you Sailors!
That first Fanny's mine'

Then with murmured incantations.
Such as 'seven one and two'.
The high priest and his acolyte
Dispense the Holy Brew.

When the seas are breaking over.
And you feel you've had enough.
When the chef has dropped his tatties
And his oppo's burnt the duff.

When your locker's full of hogwash
And your hammocks gone to rot.
There's nothing quite can touch it;
Author: Anon


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