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The Blue Ensign

I've sailed with a blue ensign
T'was on my grandpa's boat
And we where all so proud of it
When we were afloat

Through summer gales or lazy days
We sailed her far from land
And always there our Blue ensign
Would make us feel so grand

Yes grandpa taught us sailing
Then one fine summer's day
Whilst sailing in the Solent
The poor sod passed away

He left me all his sailing stuff
Packed in his ditty bag
But though I searched it thoroughly
I couldn't find that flag

I asked my sister had she seen
The flag so blue and Posh
She said she thought that grandma
Had put it in the wash.

But grandma had the flag no more
I asked her had it shrunk
'No' she said 'it's in the bin'
'With all his other junk'

Years later I was back at sea
A working for the Queen
And my boat had a motto
Which said 'we come unseen'

Sneaking now beneath the waves
Our ensign out of sight
Confident, Cos we knew.
The one we had was white.
Author: UncleAlbert


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