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The British Submarines

Some talk of Lewis Bayly, and some of Charlie B,
Of Admirals who daily, command our fleets at sea;
But Dreadnoughts and destroyers are not our only means,
We've got a fleet that none can beat,
The British Submarines.

Now when they are commanded to go and fight their foe,
They fill up all main ballasts and quickly dive below,
And fire both torpedoes and give their foemen "beans";
They give them fits with double hits,
In the British Submarines.

So, let us fill our glasses, and drink the health of those,
Who wield such mighty spanners, and wear such dirty clothes,
On them and their flotillas, the hope of England leans,
So hip hurrah for the I.C.S.,
And the British Submarines.

This Poem is believed to have been written by Lieutenant Gordon E E Gray whilst serving onboard the Submarine Depot Ship HMS Thames in January 1910. Gordon Evelyn Elliott Gray served in Submarines from 15th August 1908 to 10th August 1912. Gordon Gray was killed whilst serving in HMS Good Hope at the Battle of Coronel off the coast of Chile on 1st November 1914.

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