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The Toy

The Submarines lie quiet now night has fallen
They're safe beneath the Maidstone's watch full gaze.
Gently rocked by wavelets from tides flow
Like sleeping children tired from their days play.

Are they so tired from diving south of Weymouth
From playing tag deep down among the rocks and shoals
While scurrying frigates searched and tried to find them
By listening to the beat of there pulse?

Sleep Sidon, dream of hiding 'neath those waters
Of playing with your brand new shiny toy
But when you wake, take care and treat it softly
For grown up toys can sometime lead to tears

The sun has risen clear 'bove Portland Harbour
The Maidstone, she has fed her hungry brood
As one by one they glide beyond her comfort
She signals them farewell and safe return.

It's time to go why are you hesitating?
It's wrong to keep friends waiting for their game
Come Sidon slip your lines and lets be playing
Today's the day we'll find out where you hide.

The shrieking, putrid geyser, it roared skyward
No instant smell of death but it was there
The world and time stood still or that is how it seemed
As that graceful crippled vessel slowly died.

No she won't be out to play today or ever
Her heart's been torn from out her slender frame
By a brand new top range toy she played with
A grown up toy that this time lead to tears.
Author: Alec Giles


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