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Vale Britannia

Once it was rule Britannia
Britannia rules the waves
In verse and song the words rang out
Britons never shall be slaves
Vale Britannia

Your mighty fleets and men-o-war
Guarded Britain's shores
Your ships and men patrolled the seas
And fought in many wars
Vale Brutannia

The Empire upon which the Sun did not set
Was spread throughout the world
From the Indies to far easstern ports
The Ensign was unfurled
Vale Britannia

First ships of oak to those of steel
From sail to nuclear powers
Your ships and men protected home
Through Britain's darkest hours
Vale Britannia

And so it was for many years
The vigil was maintained
Your record as a guardian force
Made sure the a shield was sustained
Vale Britannia

Many ports once knew your ships
Including those at home
With Portsmouth, Plymouth and Chatham
Where mateloes once did roam
Vale Britannia

But now your might and glory
Is sadly on the wane
The ships and men are all but gone
Never to be seen again
Vale Britannia

All that remains is a residue
Of what was a powerful force
The ravages of time and age
Have finally run their course
Vale Britannia

The ships now phantoms of the waves
The men all spirits too
No ships that they could once call home
No men to form a crew
Vale Britannia

Their ghosts must wander Union Street
The Long Bar in old Plymouth town
No doubt in Queen Street's pubs as well
With a pint in the Rose and Crown
Vale Britannia

No more the land of the immortal bard
'This fortress built by Nature for herself'
Lost not by war but open doors
Allowing defeat by stealth
Vale Britannia

No doubt that those who served you well
Will shed some silent tears
For all the years of tradition
Now gone after so many years
Vale Britannia

And so it's vale Britannia
No longer ruler of the sea
Instead the words that now apply
Are Britannia RIP
Vale Britannia
Author: Anon


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