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Babies Heads

Either boil or microwave steak and kidney pud, as per makers directions, prepare and cook vegetables to suit. Retain vegetable water, mix in gippo powder, add a dessert spoonful of stuffing mix to thicken and to add flavour.

Either mash or serve potatoes whole.

Our American cousins used to love this dish!

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1 comment

While on active service with the US MARINE CORPS, I had the pleasure of noshing on the old tinned babies' 'eads that were part of the 24-hour field ration pack, while working with Royal Marines from Y Squadron, 30 Commando, during Operation Provide Comfort (Haven, to you lot) in Northern Iraq during early 1991. Fine stuff warmed uo, DAMNED NEAR INEDIBLE COLD, even for combat rations. Mind you, we didn't have any such niceties as Gippo or any fresh veg, either. I brought a tin back home stateside upon returning from Iraq. It sat in my pantry until long past its expiry date, and eventually, sad to say, I disposed of it without even bothering to take the trouble to heat the tin until it exploded. (Now THERE'S a bit of fun you subbies are missing out on!) Ah, fond memories, the heat and the dirt and the flies, and all...
   MikeTheYank Tue, 11 Oct 2022

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