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Pussers Pot Mess

Mix all together in large saucepan or pot, season to taste. Cover. Heat very slowly on low heat, stirring occasionally, until festering. Eat piping hot, with crusty bread.

The ingredients of this dish are unlimited and to your own tastes. Best dished up in a mug, eaten with a spoon. For those of you who are now 'out of' the mess deck culture, soup plates will suffice!

Can be added to, at will, with further ingredients to establish a 24 houir stock pot. Ideal for outward bounders/campers. etc.

Submitted by: Sheerlegs



Excellent recipe! Should be accompanied by Periscope Cheese (tainted by diesel and boiled cabbage!).
Submitted by 'Skin' ex-Torpedo Officer, HMS/M Oberon.
   Gervais Coryton Thu, 3 Jan 2019
This (infinitely) variable recipe is a crowd pleaser. With some variations I fed the ship's company of our local RNA branch for one of our regular film nights. Accompanied by two cans and finishing off the evening with 9 o'clockers we were all briefly young again! Love this recipe section - sh*t on a raft - oh the memories.
   Bruce Rowling Mon, 23 Mar 2020
Crusty bread? Must be the NEW navy. Try cutting out the blue mould (from the two/three week old bread) then you can enjoy a pot mess.
   Frank Maginnis Thu, 27 Jan 2022
I got a recipe from my dad when he was fished out by the RN at Dunkirk ... one tin evaporated milk, same tin of water, same tin of sugar, same tin of rum. Add cocoa if you feel the need (it seems few did!).
   Lawrence Sat, 18 Dec 2021

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