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Who gives a f***, it tastes good

Whip the cream and melt the chocolate. Mix them together and then add rum to taste.

Pour into posh glasses and put in fridge. Take them out and add a posh decoration such as Tesco chocolate swirl on a cream twist.

Sit back and let them tell you how clever you are.

It also works well if you put it inside a pancake but that takes effort.

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1 comment

Been through all recipes. Reminded me of my days as a Jungly {FAA Term}, Pot Mess reminded me of returning from 2 weeks in the Snow to see Chef? opening tins of Bubby's Heads. Having lived on Chicken Supream, only flavour for Sailors Rat Packs, for 2 weeks was first in Queue for Bubby's Head to be greeted with Pot Mess. The Royal Marine Chef was detailed to make a four course Dinner for the Officers as part of his Field Training. He took all the Apple Flakes from Rat Packs to make Apple Strudels. Guess what was in the Pot Mess along with Pilchards, never found out what he needed the Tom Sauce for. Let me know when the GP comes out I want a Copy
   3 Badgeman Wed, 22 May 2019

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