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Vickers and Barrow are names synonymous with the development of the submarine. Hundreds of submarines covering virtually every class have been built for the Royal Navy and foreign Navies. This site is dedicated to not only to those who have served on Her Majesty's Submarines but also to those employees past and present whose skills and efforts have given pride to the phrase 'Barrow built' and made the name Vickers known and respected throughout the world.

On This Day - May 18

1915E11E11, commanded by Lt-Cmdr Martin Nasmith passed through the Dardanelles on the night of 18 May. Surfacing off the town of Gallipoli, Nasmith captured a Turkish sailing vessel and lashed it to the conning tower to act as a disguise. This ruse failed to attract any targets, so after several days he abandoned it.
1916L1Laid Down
1916L2Laid Down
19381940 - 1970: Adamant (F64)Laid down
1941Tetrarch (N77)HMS Tetrarch torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Giovinezza off Bengasi, Libya.
1942Turbulent (N98)HMS Turbulent torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Bolsena west of Bengasi, Libya.
1943Storm (P233)Launched
1945Sea Dog (P216)HMS Seadog torpedoes and sinks a Japanese coaster north of Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies.
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14.02.24 on page Israeli sub wreck found 31 years on
Karen Welsby wrote:
    My parterner George was a submariner on Totem and he told me that Canadian Indians gave the submarine a Totem Pole and said that as long as the Totem was on board she would never sink. Apparently when the Israel Navy were presented with the Totem they said they didn’t want it. The Totem Pole isnâ€...
26.01.24 on page Thistle (N24)
Aaron Cluney wrote:
    My Grandfather was one of the brave souls that lost their lives onboard Thistle. Heartwarming to know finally where they lay to rest....
25.01.24 on page P222
Anne Clifford wrote:
    I was so excited to find the Bio of my Grandfather Frederick William Simpson DS . Thank yo . I am his grand daughter from his second marriage....
14.11.23 on page P222
Grace Absolom (Bill Absolom (son of Richard Willia wrote:
    I am writing this for my father Bill Absolom, who is the Son of Richard William Absolom, Leading Telegraphist on the P222. Bill was very touched by Claudio Perazzini's comment. Thank you for posting. Hearing the story of the Fortunale sailors saluting and praying for the P222 crew was special to...
15.10.23 on page HM Submarine A5 (Forgotten Submariners)
Paddy Reynolds wrote:
    My great uncle John Tucker (DofB Dec 3 1885 Birkenhead) His navy record says, "Approve advance to a higher rating provide inspec capt. of submarines considers him fit in recognition of services rendered at considerable personal risk by which several of the crew of A5 submarine were saved from death....