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Thanks to the following for their generous contributions and help in compiling this site:

  • Ray Gritt, Editor of Submariners News for permission to recycle articles
  • Martin Hebbert & Mike Valance of (Vickers) for permission to use articles & photographs from the company archives.
  • Ken Collins of The Submariners Association (Barrow-in-Furness) for The Submariners Bond and proofreading.
  • John Houlding of The Submariners Association (Barrow-in-Furness) for his help with the Branch Database.
  • The North-west Evening Mail for permission to recycle articles
  • Stuart Glen TI of HMCS Windsor for help with The Dolphin Code
  • Fred West for starting off the Boat Database.
  • Charles Rowntree and Sam Morrow for further assistance with the Boat Database
  • Dave Palmer for contributions to the Submarine Badges section
  • Pam Armstrong and Malcolm Blenkinsopp, Honorary Historian at Espana Levante Submariners for their significant contributions of data for the Roll Of Honour
  • And numerous others who have submitted Dits and Articles to the site