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U Boats & Other Navys

The Deadly Losharik Submarine FireRead
Losharik was a threat of another order altogether. The vessel is able to dive far deeper than almost any other sub, but the feats of engineering that allow it to do so may have helped seal the fate of the 14 sailors killed in the disaster. The only thing more mysterious than what exactly went wrong that day is what the sub was doing in a thousand feet of water just 60 nautical miles east of Norway in the first place.

WW1 German U-BoatsRead
For the last ten years, teams of divers have scoured waters off the North East and Yorkshire Coast looking for the last few missing German U-Boats from World War One.

U333 - How flower power beat a U-Boat in the AtlanticRead
In October 1942, the Battle of the Atlantic was at Its height and we were losing. Despite being far superior to anything Barrow had put in the water up to that time, German U-boats were not always successful.

The Sinking of U-593Read
U-593 was on her fifteenth patrol when she was sunk, having been in commission over two years. During the course of her long history, she claimed the sinking of 15 merchant vessels and the damaging of three others, in addition to sinking three destroyers. Most of her success was achieved in the Mediterranean which she entered on her fourth patrol in late September or early October 1942

U889 a TYPE IXC U-BoatRead
U-889 was a type IXC U-Boat which spent some months in Canadian hands after the german surrender in 1945, before being handed over to the US Navy the following year. She was examined in minute detail and the results have survived, giving a unique account of the layout and equipment of a U-Boat

In early May of 1945, U-boats were leaving their patrol areas at sea for the last time and heading for ports around the coasts of Europe and Great Britain in compliance with the order of unconditional surrender contained in last signals from Submarine Command.

The U-Boats that SurrenderedRead
The U-Boats Allocated to the UK in 1945

U-Boats in the Royal Navy post May 1945Read
The purpose of this paper is to set out the Royal Navy's policy for the acquisition of a limited number of U-Boats for research purposes, including U-1407, to explain the circumstances which led to the acquisition of this Type XVIIB U-Boat, and to describe U-1407's service in the Royal Navy from 1945 to 1949.

Skull found on sub that sank in 1864Read
A skull has been found inside the Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley along with what appear to be a bellows that could help researchers reconstruct the doomed subs Final minutes.

Subs Sailing Wave Of The FutureRead
Groton - When the USS Virginia goes to sea in 2004, it will represent perhaps the most radical change in submarine design since the Navy's first underwater Fighting vessel in 1900.

Yuan Class Submarines (Chinese)Read
The last of four Chinese Yuan diesel electric submarine has appeared. There was no official information released, but based on photos available it appears to be another development in China's taking Russian submarine technology and adapting it for Chinese designs.

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