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On This Day - January 30

1906C9Laid Down
1906C10Laid Down
1941Upholder (N99)HMS Upholder attacks the Italian merchant Motia and the Italian tanker Delfin west of Tripoli, Libya. All torpedoes missed and Upholder was depth charged by the Italian torpedo boat Aldebaran.
1942Thunderbolt (N25)HMS Thunderbolt fires four torpedoes against the Italian torpedo boat Solferino in the Ionian Sea.
1942Thorn (N11)The Italian submarine Medusa was sunk in the Adriatic near Promontore, Istria, Italy by the British submarine HMS Thorn.
1943Safari (P211)HMS Safari sinks the Italian ships Aniello and Gemma with gunfire of Cape Scalea, Italy.
1945Tantalus (P318)HMS Tantalus sinks the Japanese fishing vessel Taisei Maru No. 12 with gunfire off Bangka Strait.
1945Sea Devil (P244)Launched
1945Astute (P447)Launched

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