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On This Day - May 04

1940Severn (N52)HMS Severn torpedoes and sinks the Swedish (in German service) sailing vessel Monark off Lister, Norway.
1940Seal (N37)HMS Seal successfully laid 50 mines. Shorty after completing the lay she hit a mine herself and was badly damaged. She was put on the bottom until after dark when she surfaced and tried to make for Swedish waters but failed to do so due to the heavy damage.

She was attacked by German He-115 aircraft from Aalborg, Denmark and then by a German Ar-196 seaplane, which also attacked. Joined by a second Arado. Unable to dive, with her crew suffering from CO2 poisoning, Seal put up a fight but the Lewis gun jammed. The auxiliary submarine chaser UJ-128 arrived on the scene. The crew of Seal then surrendered, expecting the submarine to sink, but it stayed afloat. All crew taken prisoner except for one casualty. Seal was towed to Frederikshavn, and later to Kiel.
1943Venturer (P68)Launched
1959Narwhal (N45)Completed
1971Opportune (S20)Damage to upper front part of fin and both scopes in collision with Merchant Ship, SW Approaches
1977Andrew (P423)Scrapped

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