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On This Day - October 25

18941891 - 1920: St GeorgeCommissioned
1915S2Transferred to Italy
1915S1Transferred to Italy
1915S3Transferred to Italy
1935Snapper (N39)Launched
1938Thistle (N24)Launched
1941Triumph (N18)HMS Triumph torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Monrosa in the Gulf of Athens, about 3 nautical miles north-west of Patroklou island, Greece.
1941Seraph (P219)Launched
1942Taku (N38)HMS Taku attacks the Italian tanker Arca off Chios, Greece. The torpedoes missed their target.
1943Surf (P239)HMS Surf damages the German auxiliary patrol vessel GA 54/Chiaros with gunfire east of Amorgos, Greece.
1943Spirit (P245)Completed
1943Telemachus (P321)Completed
1944USS TangThe USS Tang (SS-306) under Richard O'Kane (a top US submarine captain of World War II) is sunk by the ship's own torpedo.

The torpedo was fired. It broached and curved to the left in a circular run. Tang fishtailed under emergency power to clear the turning circle of the torpedo, but it struck her abreast the aft torpedo room approximately 20 seconds after it was fired. Tang sank by the stern. Nine survivors, including the commanding officer, were picked up the next morning by a Japanese destroyer escort. They spent the remainder of the war in prisoner of war camps.
1944Stoic (P231)HMS Stoic sinks a Japanese coaster with gunfire in the Java Sea.
1944Tantivy (P319)HMS Tantivy sinks the Japanese barge No. 136 and the Japanese motor sailing vessel Tachibana Maru No.47 with gunfire off Miro, Sumbawa, Netherlands East Indies.
1945Aeneas (P427)Launched
1957Narwhal (N45)Launched

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