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On This Day - April 29

19121912 - 1929: MaidstoneLaunched
1940Unity (N66)At 1730 HMS Unity sailed from Blyth to patrol off Norway. The visibility was down to 300 yards as Unity moved out in the main channel, where the Norwegian ship Atle Jarl was proceeding on her way from Scotland to the Tyne

A short while later visibility was down to 100 yards and neither vessel was aware of the other until the submarine spotted the ship at 50 yards and on a collision course. There was just time to shut the bulkhead doors and order the engines astern before the Atle Jarl smashed into the submarine. The order to abandon the submarine was given and Unity sank only five minutes after the collision
1940Seal (N37)HMS Seal shifted from Blyth to Immingham where she embarked a full load of mines
1942Urge (N17)Reported lost whilst on passage from Malta to Alexandria on 29th April 1942.

At the time of the loss the submarine was carrying ten ratings as passengers in addition to the normal crew as part of the evacuation of the 10th Submarine Flotilla from Malta to Alexandria.
1942Sibyl (P217)Launched
1942Varne (P66)Laid Down
1942Vox (P67)Laid Down
1943Unshaken (P54)HMS Unshaken fires four torpedoes against the French passenger/cargo ship Cap Corse off Cape San Vito, Sicily, Italy. All torpedoes missed.
1944Tantalus (P318)HMS Tantalus sinks the Malaysian Pulo Salanama with gunfire in Malacca Strait.
1945Tradewind (P329)HMS Tradewind torpedoes and sinks the Japanese merchant tanker Takasago Maru in the Gulf of Siam.

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