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On This Day - September 10

1939Oxley (P55)HMS Oxley sunk off Obrestad, Norwegian coast, south of Stavanger - torpedoed in error by HMS Triton.

Submarines Oxley and Triton were patrolling off Norway and had been in regular contact when Triton spotted an unidentified submarine off the coast of Norway. Believing it might be Oxley a number of signals of recognition were flashed by Triton. No reply was forthcoming and after several challenges Triton fired two torpedoes that struck the submarine and sent her to the seabed. Triton closed in on the area and found three survivors. A Board of Enquiry found that Oxley was some way out of position and that Triton had acted correctly and was not culpable for the sinking
1940Triton (N15)HMS Triton had the misfortune to torpedo accidentally HMS Oxley off Norway on 10 September 1940
1941Thunderbolt (N25)HMS Thunderbolt sinks the Italian auxiliary patrol vessel V 224/Svan I with gunfire in the Gulf of Syrte off Marsa el Auegia.
1941Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay torpedoes and damages the German merchant Norburg inside Iraklion harbour, Crete.
1941Stubborn (P238)Laid Down
1942Una (N87)HMS Una fires torpedoes against the Italian merchant Brioni about 10 nautical miles west of Palaiokhóra, Crete, Greece but missed.
1943Seraph (P219)HMS Seraph claims the sinking of four small craft with gunfire east of Corsica.
1943Rorqual (N74)HMS Rorqual lays another 15 mines in the Skiathos Channel.
1952Aurochs (P426)There was a fatal runaccident on the Aurochs while docked in County Cork
1984Talent (S92)Ordered from Vickers, Barrow

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