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Salmon (N65)

Built By: Cammell Laird (Mersey)
Build Group: S Group 2
Fate: This Submarine sailed for a North Sea patrol on 4th July 1940 and was expected to return to base on 14th July 1940.

The Submarine is thought to have been sunk, ‘with all hands’, after hitting a mine in position 57˚22’N 05˚00’E on 9th July 1940.
Salmon (N65)
Salmon (N65)

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Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Anderson, Frederick Cyril  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX 79744    30
Baker, Philip Denis Edward  Petty Officer  P/JX 13074    28
Baugh, Walter John  Leading Stoker  C/KX 81010  DSM  27
Bickford, Edward Oscar  Commander    DSO  30
Commanding Officer
Boulton, Johnn Robert Alfred  Able Seaman  P/JX 138456    23
Brooks, William  Leading Stoker  D/KX 87165    27
Burges, John Herman  Able Seaman  C/J 115126    30
Cawthra, George  Stoker 1st Class  D/KX 85885  DSM  24
Cooke, Thomas  Able Seaman  D/J 93031    37
Davis, William Leonard  Warrant Engineer      32
Dixon, George  Leading Stoker  C/KX 81890    27
Durcan, Albert Patrick  Petty Officer  D/J 87456    38
Fear, William John  Leading Stoker  P/KX 84937    24
Fuller, William Matthew  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class  C/M 39443    30
Gomm, Jack Edmund  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX 87050    22
Gyngell, John James  Leading Seaman  D/J 115240    30
Hall, Peter Edward  Able Seaman  P/J 97373    37
Hancock, Robin Hugh Meliss  Lieutenant    DSC  23
Harrison, Arthur Albert George  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class  P/M 33227    37
Harrison, Squire  Leading Seaman  P/JX 153270    22
Hill, Norman James  Chief Engine Room Artificer  P/M 39366  DSM  30
Holmes, Cecil William  Petty Officer  C/J 109242    32
Holmes, James  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  P/MX 47758    27
Howe, Edward Hibbitt  Able Seaman  C/SSX 18241    22
Mallett, Robert George  Leading Telegraphist  D/JX 134510    25
O'Mahoney, Michael  Stoker 1st Class  D/KX 86213    23
Ottignon, Charles Vivian  Able Seaman  C/JX 144392    20
Palmer, George  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist  P/J 39553    41
Paterson, Edward  Able Seaman  D/S 106628    32
Power, Louis  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX 83674    26
Rawlings, Henry Charles Edward  Leading Seaman  C/JX 135792    25
Skelt, Kenneth Douglas  Lieutenant      21
Spittles, Eric Victor  Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 92540    20
Stroud, Robert Patrick  Leading Telegraphist  C/J 109409    31
Summers, Owen Jack  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  P/MX 54082    24
Swallow, Alfred Charles  Leading Stoker  D/KX 81568    27
Walden, Raymond Barry  Telegraphist  C/JX 139964    22
Walker, Maurice William  Leading Telegraphist  P/JX 137569    24
Whittaker, Edward  Leading Signalman  D/JX 132459  DSM  27
Williams, Leonard Primrose  Leading Seaman  P/JX 130599    28
Wykeham-Martin, Maurice Fairfax  Lieutenant    DSC  27


15-06-1933 : Laid Down
30-04-1934 : Launched
08-03-1935 : Completed
04-12-1939 : The German submarine U-36 was torpedoed and sunk in the North Sea south-west of Kristiansand,Norway, by a torpedo from the British submarine HMS Salmon.
12-12-1939 : German liner Bremen arrives at Bremerhaven from Murmansk, having evaded the British blockade. Bremen was intercepted by HMS Salmon but the submarine observed the then current rules of engagement and surfaced to order Bremen to heave-to. However, a German flying boat appeared and Salmon was forced to dive and Bremen escaped
13-12-1939 : HMS Salmon torpedoes & damages cruisers Leipzig & Nuremburg as they cover a destroyer minelaying operation off the River Tyne
20-06-1940 : HMS Salmon fires two torpedoes against a German convoy about 15 nautical miles south-west of Egersund, Norway. Both torpedoes missed their intended targets.
09-07-1940 : HMS Salmon departed her base to patrol off Skudesnes on the SW coast of Norway. She was sent signals on 9th, 11th and 12th July, the final one ordering a return to base. None of these signals were acknowledged.

Later it became known that one of the signals routed her across a minefield, which at the time was unknown to the Admiralty. There is also a possibility that she was attacked by aircraft, but mining is the most likely.


The wreck of HMS Salmon was located in April 2008 off the coast of Norway by a surveying vehicle prospecting for a cable laying route
   Robin Butler (daughter of Robin Hugh Meliss Hancoc Sat, 12 Jun 2021
Salmon's heraldic crest was "A salmon saltant proper" and her motto "fluctibus floreo" - translation "I flourish under the waves"
   Robin Butler Sat, 12 Jun 2021

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