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Taurus (P339)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: T Group 3
Fate: Scrapped in April 1960 at Dunston.

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Ex P93

Served in the Netherlands Navy from 1948-53


30-09-1941 : Laid Down
27-06-1942 : Launched
03-11-1942 : Completed
02-03-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks the small French merchant Clairette with gunfire off Cape Ferrat, southern France.
06-03-1943 : HMS Taurus torpedoes and sinks the Spanish merchant Bartolo off Marseille, southern France.
10-03-1943 : HMS Taurus torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Derna off Sete, southern France.
13-03-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks the French tug Ghrib and two barges with gunfire off Cassis, southern France.
13-04-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks the Portugese Santa Irene with gunfire about 30 nautical miles south-east of Bastia, Corsica, France.
14-04-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks the small Italian tanker Alcione C. with gunfire off the east coast of Corsica, France in position.
15-04-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks the Italian sailing vessel Luigi with gunfire 52 nautical miles south-west of Civitavecchia.
03-06-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks two sailing vessels with gunfire in the Aegean Sea off Cape Pounta.
06-06-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks a Greek sailing vessel with gunfire west of Mitylene, Greece.
11-06-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks seven Greek sailing vessel with gunfire and one by ramming off Piscopi, Greece.
08-07-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks two Greek sailing vessels through ramming. Taurus also torpedoes and damages the Greek merchant Konstantinos Louloudis off Skyros, Greece.
09-07-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks four sailing vessels with two torpedoes and gunfire at Kastron harbour, Chios, Greece.
12-07-1943 : HMS Taurus sinks the small Greek Romano and 12 small sailing vessels with gunfire in the Gulf of Saloniki.
12-11-1943 : HMS Taurus torpedoed and sank the Japanese submarine I34 off Penang.
06-02-1944 : HMS Taurus sinks a Japanese tugboat and a barge with gunfire south-west of Sumatra.
18-04-1944 : HMS Taurus lays mines off Penang.
22-04-1944 : HMS Taurus sinks the Japanese salvage vessel Hokuan I-Go and a tug with gunfire off Malaya.

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On 6 February 1944 HMS Taurus under command of Captain Mervyn Robert George Wingfield shot 1 Tugboat which was pulling 1 sailing ship and successfully drowned the two. On the sailing ship that was pulled tugboat with the civilian who is now referred to as the Indonesian people. My grandmother and her 4 children consisting of two boys and 2 daughters were drowned together with a wooden vessel. While my grandfather survived with his 5 children, 4 son and 1 daughter.

My grandfather passed away in 2002 at the age of 97, out of 5 children who survived 3 already passed, who are still alive, that is, the number 1 child is now 91 years old and the number 5 child is my father, now 83 years old
   Shufril Akbar Wed, 27 Nov 2019

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