Talent (S92)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: SSN Group 4b
Talent surfacing in the Kyle of Lochalsh Dec 2008
Talent surfacing in the Kyle of Lochalsh Dec 2008
Talent during anti-submarine exercise in the Med, October 2013.
Talent during anti-submarine exercise in the Med, October 2013.

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HMS Talent was commissioned in 1990 by the Princess Royal as the sixth of seven Trafalgar class hunter killer submarines built at Barrow. 

The submarine has completed a successful Long Overhaul Period (re-fuelling), which as well as seeing the reactor core renewed, also saw the boat fitted out with a new command system and Sonar 2076, the most advanced in service. Sonar 2076 has the power equivalent to approximately 400 personal computers and can precisely track the movement of small objects from hundreds of miles away.

Talent was also given the ability to fire the Tomahawk land attack cruise missile.

One of Talent’s claims to fame is being the last submarine to be launched down a slipway.

The submarine is affiliated with Shrewsbury in Shropshire.


10-09-1984 : Ordered from Vickers, Barrow
13-05-1986 : Laid Down
15-04-1988 : Launched
12-05-1990 : Completed
24-05-1990 : Left Barrow
06-08-2013 : HMS Talent returned home to Plymouth after a three months deployment.

During her deployment HMS Talent engaged in defence diplomacy, undertook a number of trials and exercised with US and French ships and stopped in Gibraltar.

Shortly after sailing from HM Naval Base, Devonport, HMS Talent made her first stop in Gibraltar allowing the territory’s Chief Minister, The Hon. Fabian Picardo and the Deputy Chief Minister, The Hon. Dr Joseph Garcia to tour the submarine.

The visit was significant to HMS Talent’s commanding officer, Commander John Aitken, who last stepped foot on the 'Rock' five years earlier as the executive officer of the submarine HMS Superb.
27-01-2014 : HMS Talent arrived in Plymouth after a five-month deployment.

The submarine sailed from Devonport and the deployment began with a period of training and exercises in the Mediterranean aimed at generating the fighting capability of her crew, simulating attacks with the Tomahawk Land Attack Missile system and Spearfish torpedoes. This was followed by a stop in Gibraltar for routine maintenance.

The next port of call for HMS Talent was Souda Bay on Crete, before continuing to the Red Sea after exercising with Royal Navy aircraft and the Royal Navy frigate HMS Westminster.

The submarine visited the United Arab Emirates. HMS Talent then carried out operations for several weeks before spending Christmas and New Year in Bahrain.

The submarine will conduct a six-week maintenance period in Plymouth before conducting further training at sea.
12-06-2018 : HMS Talent began intensive training to re-join the frontline operational fleet after a major refit. The Trafalgar Class submarine had completed an extensive multi-million pound maintenance period in HM Naval Base Devonport in Plymouth.


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