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Webmasters Notes


In order to reduce download times the document is divided into one chapter per page. At the foot of each chapter are links to navigate forward and backwards through the document. Use the breabcrumb links at the top of each page to jump back to the main menus of section menus.

Clicking on a document cross reference other than an image will open the new chapter or other content in the same browser window. After reading the referenced text, you may wish to use your browsers back button to return to the exact point you left.

The Appendixes pages contain links to tables saved as Acrobat PDF documents which open in a separate browser window. In order to view PDF files you may need to download the free Acrobat Reader


Clicking a reference to a Plate or Figure will open the images in a scaled window which will allow you to expand the image full size or page through all images in that chapter

Large File Warning - Most of the Plates are between one and two megabyte in size. Figures range from ten kilobyte to one megabyte.

Please do not contact us requesting enhanced or original copies of the images, the images on-line are enhanced from the originals wherever possible and where we have hard copy versions they are similar or inferior to the on-line version.

Changes & Amendments

Broken links or links not working as expected or other errors should be reported to the webmaster using the Contact Us form. Please state the Chapter and Paragraph number to help us locate the error.


I would like to thank Sam Morrow MIIE of BAE SYSTEMS for his invaluable contribution in creating this on-line version.



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