Built By: Chatham Dockyard (Medway)
Build Group: E Group 2
Fate: Sold for scrapping in March 1921.

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During construction, E12 was visited by the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, who took time to speak to the workers. At this time the dockyard workers were on 12 hour shifts working 0600 to 1800 or 1800 to 0600.

In Oct/Nov 1915, E12 broke the patrol record when she remained at sea for forty days. During the patrol, she attacked a powder factory near Constantinople, sank four steamers and thirty sailing ships. On her return journey, she got caught in the net at Nagara. Lt Cdr Bruce managed free the boat but she was obviously towing something. The boat had been pulled down to 245 feet and was leaking badly. Further along the coast, E12 met another obstruction but luckily this moved along the boat and took the first obstruction away with it. E12 returned to base having sailed more than 2000 miles.


??-??-???? : E12 she sighted a passenger steamer towing two sailing ships. Lt Cdr Bruce took E12 alongside. He sent Lt T Fox to board her. One of the Turkish crew dropped a bomb over the side which hit the casing but failed to explode. The Turks then started firing with rifles.

E12 used her gun to fire on the after end of the steamer, then put ten rounds into her from forward to aft. The two sailing ships tried to foul E12's propellers and opened fire with rifles. E12's crew fired back and stopped the attack from the sailing ships. Lt Cdr Bruce moved away from the ships them sank all three of them.

E12 immediately attacked another steamer towing three sailing ships. The steamer fired back and a shore battery opened fire on E12. The steamer was hit, caught fire and later beached herself. During these actions, only one man on E12 was injured.

Lt T Fox, the Coxswain and three seaman all received the DSM.
16-12-1912 : Laid Down
05-09-1914 : Launched by Miss Anson
14-10-1914 : Completed
25-09-1916 : Able Seaman John Flynn O/N 199688 (Dev) was a member of the crew of Submarine E12 and served at the Dardanelles. He was accidentally drowned in Mudros Harbour and was buried in the East Mudros Military Cemetery on the island of Lemnos in Grave III.F.184.


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