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1903 - 1906: C Class

On 4th August 1915 Submarine C33 was operating in the North Sea in conjunction with the trawler Malta in an operation against the U-Boats. In the early evening the two vessels parted company. After a wireless message later the same evening nothing more was heard from C33. It is believed that the Submarine strayed into a minefield, hit a mine and was lost with all hands.

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Roll of Honour

Alexander  Petty Officer & Coxswain
E G Bennett  Signalman
AGG Bishop  Gunner & 3rd Officer
H P Black  Leading Seaman
C J Buchanan  1st Lieutenant
GEB Carter  Lieutenant
W C Clarke  Able Seaman
W C Duncan  Engine Room Artificer
Green  Able Seaman
Heath  Petty Officer
A W Hill  Able Seaman
G W Hocking  Leading Seaman
Hunt  Engine Room Artificer
W T Lashbrook  Leading Stoker
E S Saunders  Stoker
C J Wharton  Able Seaman
W D Windebank  Leading Stoker

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