Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: G
Fate: Ran aground and was wrecked off Howick, Northumberland, returning from Dogger Bank patrol in thick fog on 22nd November 1918. Two crew members lost.

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Sections of the submarine including tanks hatches and fittings can still be seen among the rocks at low water.

Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Foster, Pliny  Stoker 1st Class  SS 110928    25
RN DoB 27/11/1892. Actual 27/11/1893
Sandford , Richard Douglas  Lieutenant    VC 
Commanding Officer. Died in hospital 23/11/1918. He had been taken ill with typhoid fever and died in hospital in Yorkshire.


28-03-1915 : Laid Down
22-02-1916 : Launched
13-05-1916 : Completed
22-11-1918 : G11 ran aground off Howick in Northumberland in adverse weather conditions (navigation having only been possible via dead reckoning)

As the crew abandoned ship, two men fell in the water. The body of Stoker Foster was never recovered but Tel Back was recovered and buried in St Peter's Longhoughton.

One further casualty, Lt Richard Sandford VC (who had been admitted to Eston hospital suffering from typhoid fever) died the day after learning his beloved submarine had been lost.


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