Built By: Armstrong Whitworth (Tyne)
Build Group: H Group 2
Fate: Sunk in Collision with HMS Versatile off Gibraltar 23rd March 1922

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Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Anderson, Herbert Charles  Leading Stoker  K 24252    30
RN DoB 02/07/1891. Actual 02/07/1890
Barnard, George Lawrence  Stoker 1st Class  K 29260    27
Blackwell, Arthur William  Chief Engine Room Artificer  272345    38
Cant, Athol Hazel  Leading Telegraphist  J 34995    23
RN DoB 20/07/1898. Actual 20/07/1897
Dale, Samuel George  Boy 1st Class  J 98338    17
Davis, Montague Edward  Leading Telegraphist  J 85592    19
Fookes, William  Stoker 1st Class  K 21909    26
At birth Fookes, Charles William Served as Fookes, William. RN DoB 19/11/1895. Actual 24/03/1895
Fowler, Richard  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class  M 4712    30
Gamblen, Cyril  Leading Seaman  J 15398    25
Hansford, James George  Stoker Petty Officer  308223    35
RN DoB 14/05/1886. Actual 14/05/1884
Harris, Walter George  Stoker 1st Class  K 18681    27
Harvey, Edward James  Leading Signalman  J 10580    27
Hazel, William Josiah  Able Seaman  J 11956    26
Hooper, Alwin Septimus  Able Seaman  J 14872    28
Kean, George James  Able Seaman  J 15564    25
McDonald, Donald  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  M 7995    23
Oswell, Thomas Murray  Lieutenant      23
Parsons, George Washington  Able Seaman  J 1878    29
RN DoB 14/09/1892. Actual 14/09/1891
Pearce, William Arthur  Able Seaman  J 17236    25
Penney, Ernest  Petty Officer  J 9617    28
Porch, Robet Emery  Petty Officer  J 12072    28
Porter, Albert Ernest  Ordinary Seaman  J 98344    18
Price, James Charles Woolmer  Lieutenant    DSC  24
Rickard, George Henry  Able Seaman  J 13668    26
Sealy, Douglas Carteret  Lieutenant    DSC  30
Commanding Officer
Smart, Henry John  Stoker 1st Class  K 18164    32
RN DoB 24/02/1890. Actual 24/02/1888


01-09-1917 : Laid Down
21-10-1918 : Launched
01-05-1919 : Completed
23-03-1922 : Sunk in Collision with HMS Versatile off Gibraltar

As part of the 3rd Submarine Flotilla H42 had spent Christmas 1921 in Portsmouth before sailing in January 1922 for exercises in the Mediterranean. H42 surfaced just off Gibraltar 120 yards in front of the destroyer HMS Versatile who at that time was cruising at 20 knots. The Destroyer was unable to take avoiding action and ploughed into the submarine almost slicing her in two.


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